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Carbide Saw Blades
Carbide Saw Blades
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Carbide Saw Blades

Solid Tungsten Circular Carbide Saw Blade Round Metal Cutter For Metal Machining.
Carbide saw blade for Tobacco,cigarette,corrugated paper and plastic cutting .
Sharp cutting edge and long life time
Excellent wear resistance & high toughnes
Stock for standard sizes
We carefully select the grade required for optimal cutting performance based on years of experience in the field.


Keywords: Metal Working/ Carbide Knife

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Product Details

Grade of metal cutting circular saw blade with tungsten carbide material

Product description


Outer diameter:15 mm to 305 mm
Inner diameter:4 mm to 230 mm
Thickness:0.2 mm to 5.5 mm


1.High stability ,long life circle
2.Good abrasive and corrosion resistance
3.100% raw material 
4.Acceptable customer customization


1).For slotting/slitting in the spectacles frame's industry 
2).For computer hard disk head industry 
3).For cutting the pcb board
4).For artificial crystal cutting & soltting
5).For metal precise cutting & soltting


Carbide circular saw blade Grade GRAIN SIZE COBALT (%) DENSITY Hardness TRS Application
g/cm3 HRA N/mm2
YS2T submicron 10 14.5 92 2350 The first choice for all kinds of metal working
YG6 Medium 6 14.8 91 2000 For non-ferrous metal cutting
YG8 Medium 8 14.7 89.5 2200 For non-ferrous metal cutting
YG12X Fine 12 14.5 89.5 2600

The first choice for cutting paper ,

cigarette,cloth and leather etc