Carbide drawing Die


The hard alloy wire drawing die adopts high-quality hard alloy as the die core, and has the advantages of high hardness, good thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient. The hard alloy wire drawing die is simple in production, corrosion resistant and strong in impact resistance, and is suitable for the drawing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal wires.

What should be noted during the use of the drawing die?

(1)Surface pretreatment: for the surface fouling, adhesion to more impurities of wire rod, first after cleaning, drying and then drawing; for the surface of the wire with more oxide scale, first after acid thin, drying and then drawing; For the surface of the existence of skin, pit, heavy skin and other phenomena of wire rod, but also through the polishing machine to be polished and then pull-out;

(2) Heat treatment: for wires with excessive hardness or uneven hardness, the hardness should be reduced by annealing or tempering, and the wire rod should be kept uniform in hardness before drawing.

(3)After treatment of wire rod, it is beneficial to ensure the service life of drawing die, high finish and high quality of wire surface.



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