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Threading insert 16 IR ER1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 AG60 for stainless steel

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Product description

Threading insert 16 IR ER1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 AG60 for stainless steel 

Threads created by thread milling, thread turning, tapping, or thread whirling must meet and exceed the rigorous standards and tolerances set by the oil and gas, automotive, medical, and aerospace industries. Find the insert and/or grade here for achieving high-quality thread profiles with excellent chip control and surface finish.


Model: 3/8"16ER AG60
Material: tungsten carbide
Size: 16 * 16mm/0.63 * 0.63inch (manual measurement, 1-3mm error)
Color: grey
Quantity: 10 PCS/box
Applicable to: lathe tool 16ER AG60
Blade explanation:
16 = the blade size (the length of one side of the blade)
ER = external screw left cutter
AG60 = 60 degrees General
Packaging: plastic box(red, or as per your requirement)

This PVD-coated grade combines the superior wear resistance of a coated grade with the edge sharpness and toughness of an uncoated grade. Optimized for steel threading and for medium to high speeds.

Product description
Used for milling, turning, threading, grooving.
Applied to steel, cast iron and other non-ferrous metals;
Positive Cutting Action Threading Inserts, which help lower cutting force;
Coated surface leads to a longer tool life ; Good abrasion resistance and toughness

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