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APMT Carbide Inserts For CNC Milling Machine

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Product description

Product Description

Tool material is a fundamental factor in determining the cutting performance of a tool, and has a great influence on machining efficiency, machining quality, machining cost and tool durability. Cemented carbide has good chemical stability and high strength and is the ideal material for making cutting tools. Our carbide indexable insert has a polycrystalline cutting edge along the entire periphery of the insert, comprising a top surface, a bottom surface and a side wall extending unbroken therebetween to form a body, said body comprised of a composite wafer of cemented carbide, polycrystalline material and cemented carbide material, a cutting edge formed of polycrystalline material, and a chip breaker rearward of the cutting edge, said chip breaker formed by removal of a portion of cemented carbide from the at least one of the top or bottom surface of the insert at the junction of the sidewall and the top or bottom surface.


Quality Control

* We will inspect and test all products after finishing production and before delivery.

* We can provide dimension & inspection certificate as customers' requirements.

* We also can provide customers' samples dimensional verification


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