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The application of tungsten carbide valve balls and seats

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    Tungsten carbide valve balls and seats are widely used in oil fields, valve ball and seat performance directly affects the use effect and service life of the sucker rod pumps.


    Tungsten carbide is the most used material when it comes to designing pellets and valve seats for the oil industry. With its features like high strength, low maintenance requirements, temperature resistance as well as corrosion resistance, it works perfectly within the petroleum and oil industry. Tungsten carbide valve balls and seats for the oil industry are created based on our strong technology and top quality production machines.


    Zhuzhou Evergreen Hardmetal tools co.ltd is one of the leader manufacturers and supply various size of tungsten carbide ball and valve seats all over the world. We can design as per your drawing and samples with the international standards of surface finish, tolerance, etc. All of tungsten carbide valve seat and ball are controlled under strict quality inspection and based on international standards as well as prompt delivery.