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How To Choose The Long Strip Of Tungsten Carbide Steel?

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How to choose the long strip of tungsten carbide steel?

1, when choosing the cemented carbide square bar, we must understand its alloy brand, that is, the physical properties of cemented carbide square bar, which is very important.

2, when choosing the hard alloy square strip to check its shape and size, the hard alloy square strip with accurate shape and size can reduce a lot of deep processing time, thus improve your production efficiency and reduce and reduce the cost of processing.

3. When choosing the hard alloy square strip, we should pay attention to the flatness of the plane, the tolerance of symmetry, and the high quality of the carbide square strip with high precision of shape and position tolerance, and the processing is much simpler.

4, when choosing the hard alloy square strip, we should pay attention to check whether the edge of the cemented carbide has the edge, the angle, the round angle, the rubber, the bubbling, the deformation, the rise, the over burning and so on. High quality cemented carbide square bars will not have any adverse phenomena mentioned above.