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Tungsten price is weak, consolidation and wait-and-see

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The domestic tungsten price continued to be weak and wait-and-see. The uncertainty of the off-season effect, environmental supervision, pan-Asian inventory and external environment was large, and the market sentiment was fluctuating. The merchants had different views on the market outlook and cautiously waited for the mood. The market buying and selling atmosphere is sluggish and it is still difficult to get the goods.
Tungsten market today
The domestic tungsten price continued to be weak and wait-and-see. The uncertainty of the off-season effect, environmental supervision, pan-Asian inventory and external environment was large, and the market sentiment was fluctuating. The merchants had different views on the market outlook and cautiously waited for the mood. The market buying and selling atmosphere is sluggish and it is still difficult to get the goods.
In the tungsten concentrate market, the downstream factories have poor orders, and the enthusiasm for purchasing raw materials continues to be low. However, with the end of the summer break in Europe and the recent round of environmental protection inspections, some holders expect industrial supply and demand in September. The degree may be improved. At present, it is at the end of the traditional off-season period at the end of the month. The market waits for a strong atmosphere, and the cost side supports the tungsten concentrate price in a narrow range of 100,000 yuan / ton.
In the APT market, since July, the operating rate of smelters and the downstream consumption have generally reversed, resulting in the continuous release of the market atmosphere in the supply and demand side of the market. The terminal industry has maintained on-demand operation of raw material purchases, the market transactions are light, and the manufacturers rebounded to the market outlook. Insufficient confidence, APT prices are difficult to stop, and the overall situation is still weak.
In the tungsten powder market, the terminal demand performance is not good, the downstream users' replenishment will be low, and the cost support is relatively weak. The market confidence is under pressure, and the tungsten powder price is difficult to maintain. The current industry is not clear about the market outlook. The production and sales of the market are difficult to improve. The wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, and the price of tungsten powder is still slightly down.