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Tungsten carbide ball and valve seat
Thesealingvalveseatofthesprayingmachineiswidelyused,andthevalveseatofthepetroleumindustry,suchasthevalveseatoftheballvalve,iswidelyused. Highhardnessandcorrosionresistance,tungstencarbideballcanbeused
Carbide bushing
Carbide drawing Die
The hard alloy wire drawing die adopts high-quality hard alloy as the die core, and has the advantages of high hardness, good thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient. The hard alloy wire drawing die is simple in production, corrosion resistant and strong in impact resistance, and is suitable for the drawing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal wires.
Tungsten carbide strip
This products will be sent to Itlay . This is our old customer in Italy. The quantity of each shipment is about 1 ton for tungsten carbide strip. The customer especially agrees that our quality is very good.We can meet the tolerance required by the customer.This is something many factories can't do. All our products are strickly one-by-one inspection .
5000kg Tungsten Carbide Buttons Ship to India
We Evergreen Hardmetal aimed to provide the best original raw materal products at the most competive price to our customer. With large sizes and quantity carbide buttons stocked, we assure you save your cost at the biggest degree and without and quality worries.
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