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Carbide Tube Die

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The carbide alloy pipe mold is also called the outer mold or the pipe drawing die, and the cemented carbide is used as the core, and the outer steel sleeve is mainly used for drawing copper pipes, ste
The carbide alloy pipe mold is also called the outer mold or the pipe drawing die, and the cemented carbide is used as the core, and the outer steel sleeve is mainly used for drawing copper pipes, steel pipes and the like. Commonly used grades are YG6, YG6X, YRL10, YG8, YG15, etc., which have very high requirements on surface roughness, generally polished to the finish of the mirror, and can not have defects such as blisters and cracks.
Carbide alloy pipe molds usually pay attention to the following five points when using:
1. Equipment selection: According to the material you want to pull and the drawing equipment, the compression ratio of each tube is reasonable, so as to determine the angle of the working area of each tube;
2. Pretreatment of the drawing material: such as cleaning, descaling, annealing, phosphating, etc., to ensure the cleaning of the material;
3. Selection of drawing aids: use high-quality and suitable drawing tube powder (lubricant, oil) to do the cooling work of the drawing tube;
4. The mold is abnormally treated in time: if there is mold cracking, bombing, sticking, threading, shrinkage, broken wire, high temperature, blackening of the mold, non-wearing, etc., please contact with professional technicians. contact.
5. Aging and replacement: When the hard alloy tube die reaches the service life, please change the pull-down tube mold to repair the mold in time, so as to avoid the use of the pull tube mold to cause the tube material to be scrapped.
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